Montana Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Most people with epilepsy should be seizure free on a single drug. Are you still having seizures? Are you on more than one drug? Do you know what type of epilepsy you have? Are you a surgical or VNS candidate? Do you have side effects of your anti-seizure drugs? Are you paying too much for your anti-epilepsy drugs? Is your insurance demanding you take generics? Can the epilepsy diet help you? Are you one of millions of people who have depression and epilepsy? Are you a candidate for an experimental drug? We can answer these and many other questions and help you solve many problems related to your epilepsy.

Thomas Swanson, M.D. is a nationally recognized expert in epilepsy, epilepsy research, and EEG and the medical director of The Montana Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. He is also and a faculty member of the gene therapy epilepsy research program at the University of Montana. Our group will make an accurate diagnosis and help you choose the anti-epilepsy therapy that best suits your individual needs. We treat adult, childhood, and neonatal epilepsy. Call 327-3895 for an appointment. Clinic locations in Missoula and Great Falls.